Anthargange cave exportation

Anthargange is a cluster of caves near Kolar disctrict. It’s a very nice one day trek. It’s a wise choice to opt for a guide once you reach there, as most of the lurky dark caves are small and difficult to traverse. Having said that, beware of the monkeys in this region as they extra smart and fiery. The climb starts with few steps which leads to a temple. The caves are atleast 2-3 kms hike ahead of the temple. There are three different clusters of caves. We hired a local guide for taking us into the caves. He took us into different caves each of which were earlier used by people ages ago as habitat. Moving in the caves was quite tricky at some places as the route was very small and deep. Some places were very dark and needed the help of torch light to see the way ahead.

Magnanimous potatoes from the Martian
Trek group
The balancing act

After exploring three caves, we trekked up the hill to get a view from the top. The guide showed us another set of caves near the peak which he claimed to be inhabited by snakes and cheetah. It was ludicrous and funny to hear that. If cheetah could live upon a vegan diet preying on sweet potatoes which grow in that area. We were very excited to spot a cheetah then. These set of caves were darkest of the lot. But to our disappointment, we couldn’t spot any snakes or cheetah 😛

View from the top of the hill

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