Makalidurga Trek

This was one of the first treks which I tried to organize seeing the enthusiasm and like minded souls in my Intel office. This was planned to be a trial/practice trek for one of my neighbour teammates who was shit afraid about the idea of trekking, who lacked confidence for bandaje Trek which we planned next week after this. We did this trek in the month of December’18. Surprisingly, it was Abhi’s birthday which I was unaware of, before the trek. It was a birthday gift for him😛.

We started off from Bangalore at around 6.45am in the morning. The route is very beautiful and you can spot a lot of hills on both sides with farm lands and groves covering a major stretch of the highway road. The road to Makalidurga is very good expect a small stretch of kutcha road. You can also reach the base where the trek starts, through a train. There is a railway station in makalidurga, from where one can follow the tracks to reach the base. Beware of the monkey thieves in this region. Now the forest dept has made it mandatory to pay entry fee to trek.

The trek is a easy-moderate trek. Some places are little tricky if you’re planning to go in rainy season. The climb is a around 4 kms. The hill houses an old fort on top and a lord Shiva temple. The fort gives a 360° view of the Doddabalapura region, which purportedly would’ve been the reason of this strategic location of the fort. The Shiva temple serves pure cold fresh air after a grueling climb under the excruciating hot sun. I remember, Abhi and Akshay wearing full sleeves and jacket, just to ensure they don’t get tanned. Considering it was entirely a new gang I was trekking with, we spent good amount of time at the top chatting and eating the stuff we carried up. Oranges were my life saver. I had been to Makalidurga trek previous year in the month of September. The scenes and views were quite different. When I juxtapose the two visits, the difficulty to trek the same hill in monsoon is less than in hot sun.

View from top of Makalidurga hill

The descend is quite tricky if you don’t follow the same route as ascent. We lost our trail midway because of excitement of finishing the trek faster. The clock was ticking and it was almost sunset midway descent. We had no idea as almost every possible path was leading into thick and tall bushes. Suddenly we noticed the dog we met at the top is trailing behind us to show the way. Let’s call the dog Stoney. Stoney showed our way till the bottom of the hill like a trek lead would responsibly do. Stoney waited for us once in a while when some of us were tired and taking a breath. We couldn’t thank Stoney enough for this unconditional love and responsibility. I’m sure if there were no Stoney that day, we would have been circling in the hill forever!!

The trek squad

Moral thought: ascent is optional but decent is mandatory and don’t underestimate any hill you hike/trek.

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